Ham and Cheese Image

Tasty Ham and Cheese Sandwich

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2 Slices Schwebel’s Hearth Baked Jewish Rye Bread

2 oz. Sliced Deli Ham

½ Sliced Tomato

1 Teaspoon Mustard

2 Leaves of Lettuce

1 Slice of Swiss Cheese


1. Warm up ham slices in microwave for 20 seconds.

2. Place meat on 1 slice of Schwebel’s Hearth Baked Jewish Rye Bread.

3. Add cheese on top of meat.

4. Add tomato slices on top of cheese.

5. Add lettuce leaves on top of tomato.

6. Spread mustard on other slice of bread and top off sandwich with it.

7. Slice sandwich into 2 or 4 pieces to serve.

8. Enjoy!

Ham and Cheese Image