See below to find the answers to Schwebel's Frequently Asked Questions.

Where do you sell Schwebel’s bread?

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, schools and churches in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western New York, and northern West Virginia, Please let us know if Schwebel’s can serve you! Call us at 800/860-2867 and we will direct your call to the appropriate person.

How long does it take Schwebel's to make a loaf of bread?

The baking process has a number of intricate steps. The first and most important is the fermentation process, where flour, water, and yeast combine and ferment for as long as four hours. This process is when bread (dough) develops its true flavor. The entire baking process from the beginning when flour and yeast are put into the mixer to the very end, when it is sliced and bagged, takes a total of eight hours.

How many packages of bread and buns do you bake in one day?

We produce close to one million packages of bread products daily.

What is your best selling bread product?

Schwebel’s GIANT White enriched bread.

Why don’t you have the same number of hot dog buns as there are hot dogs per package?

Hot Dogs are sold by the pound. On occasion, depending on the brand of hot dogs you purchase, our 8 count or 12 count Hot Dog Buns do match up.

What was the first loaf of bread that Dora and Joseph Schwebel baked in their home?

Schwebel’s signature loaf, Jewish Rye Bread. We bake it the same way today.

Where is the best place to store my bread? Is the refrigerator OK? Can I use the microwave to defrost?

To maintain the best quality and freshness, we recommend storing bread products at room temperature. Storing bread in the refrigerator tends to dry out bread quickly. If you must freeze your bread, you can use the microwave on defrost, defrosting a slice at a time. We suggest you use your best judgment and knowledge of your microwave’s power output before using this method of defrosting your bread. The best option is to thaw at room temperature.

Are there any members of the Schwebel’s family who still work in the business?

Yes. Schwebel Baking Company is still owned by the Schwebel family of Youngstown, Ohio.

How many bakeries do you operate?

Three. Youngstown, Ohio (Headquarters); Solon, Ohio; and Hebron, Ohio.

Why is there a smiley face clown on the Giant White Bread and Buns?

The smiley face clown has a name. It’s “Happy the Clown.” Happy was introduced on the Schwebel’s bread package in 1932 by founder, Dora Schwebel. At the peak of the Great Depression, Mrs. Schwebel believed customers needed an uplifting symbol of hope and optimism. She created the “Happy the Clown” character to brighten peoples’ spirits. He (our Happy mascot) continues to do that to this day with visits to local hospitals, parades and fund-raising events.

Where can I purchase Schwebel's merchandise?

Schwebel's Merchandise can be found at the Bakery Outlet Stores.